Simple ways to keep your central air conditioner running efficiently

Simple ways to keep your central air conditioner running efficiently

Wash pollen and other debris off condenser unit

If your outdoor air condenser unit is in an unnoticeable location, it’s very easy to forget about cleaning it regularly. But you don’t want to neglect this very easy chore. The condenser pulls in air, and when it does, pollen and other debris often cling to its exterior. This will restrict airflow and cause a decrease in cooling efficiency and perhaps even cause the unit to overheat.

The solution…

Pull out your garden hose and with a hard stream of water, working top to bottom, hose off each side of the condenser.

**Be sure to shut off the power prior to washing** Allow the unit to dry for ½ hour before turning it back on**

Change the filter regularly

Maintaining a central air conditioning unit is all about maintaining airflow. That is why it is important to regularly change the air filter on the system. Filter packages usually state a recommended schedule for replacement (i.e. every 90 days or so) but it really depends more on how much the unit is running and how dirty the air is. During hot months it may be beneficial to change the air filter more frequently. The process is often as simple as sliding the old filter out and sliding in the new one.

…regular cleaning/changing of your filter will ensure the best filtration, increase the life of your machine, and give you peace of mind that you’re breathing easier.

Proper air conditioning maintenance can help your unit last decades. On the flip-side, a neglected air conditioner loses roughly 5% of its efficiency each year that it operates without upkeep.





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